• Helena Kubrychtová Bártová
  • Romana Schütz
  • Šárka Hlavičková
  • Katka Nováková
  • Edita Adlerová
  • Barbora Vaňousová
  • Mikoláš Bělík
  • Martin Vaňous
  • Kaya Bezděková
  • Pavel Vacek

I have been a long-term student of and teaching Iyengar yoga for almost 20 years. I started teaching therapeutical Iyengar yoga lessons from the moment I was certified as a Senior Iyengar yoga teacher.


Studying the yoga philosophy, Patanjali’s texts and the spiritual practice have been crucial for me in the recent years and helped me understand all 8 levels of astha-anga-yoga leading from the outer to the inner principles.


I have known for a long time that being the guide during the journey and helping others in their self-realization is my dharma. Nevertheless, my own experience from the past years has pushed me forward, opened my mind and inspired me to study the alternative methods and work with energy. I have completed the Pranic healing courses in India and for some time I have been applying myself to the Access Bars method.

Almost twenty years ago, my personal story of connecting body and soul began to unfold, and the study of shiatsu and healing entered my life. Gradually, other techniques began to appear that fascinated me and connected my work into a compact unit. In addition to shiatsu and healing, I also began to engage in craniosacral therapy, systemic constellations, EFT, breathing and oil massage. These techniques encourage the body to relax and find its regenerative ability, health, relaxation, joy and creativity. I trust synchronicities. One of them took me to this studio. I believe that some of you may have been curious and want to know what is behind the story you are living and to learn something more about yourself. You are welcome.

Šárka Hlavičková

I have been a therapist for 20 years. The main purpose of the time I spend with my clients is the use of One Brain kinesiology.


When I became a facilitator of this method in 1999, it never occurred to me how deeply and forever it would change my life. If you actively work with this method on self-improvement and self-education, than not only you, but also people around you change.


Working with this method enables you to leave those who cause you pain and discomfort in your life and replace them with people who are “on your wave-length”.

My life changed as I dealt with the topics of self-confidence, dignity, respect for myself and others, fear of loss and fear of being unloved.


To deepen my knowledge and experience, I studied SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy), Thetahealing and Numerology at One Brain. I work with individual elements of these methods in my therapies with clients, I also use them in lectures and seminars.


Between 2014-2015, I worked as a lecturer at the Academy of Angel Wings of Eva Kalivodová. From that time, I myself perform the therapies and give lectures and seminars. The One Brain method helped me to leave a dysfunctional marriage, to gain enough self-confidence to take care not only of myself and my children, but also to, without fear, do a job that fulfills and entertains me.


I am grateful to each one of the last 20 years, because the experience I gained during these years has led me to the present where I can help loved ones, clients and myself.

As a physiotherapist I work with movement. I look at musculoskeletal system as a whole, which is where I see the beauty. The ankle pain may be caused by a blockade in the shoulder. Iyengar yoga and the traditional Chinese medicine are similar in the way that they look at the cause. For example, a headache may be caused by mental tension or the pain of the thoracic spine may be related to the weakening of one of the internal organs. All of these methods – yoga, traditional Chinese medicine and physiotherapy complement each other and have a common goal – the balance of the internal environment and the evenness of the muscles. You can never say that you are at the end and know it all. On the contrary, you can move forward deeper and make new discoveries about the work with movement, contexts of vertebrovisceral relationships and the inseparable influence of the psyche. The wonderful thing is that everything can be connected and tuned according to the needs of each person individually.

Edita Adlerová

The mezzosopranist Edita Adlerová studied at the Conservatory in Pardubice with professor Svatava Šubrtová. In 1991 she graduated in the role of Carmen G. Bizeta in the theatre of J.K.Tyl in Plzen and became the youngest Carmen in the history of Czech opera. The film director Tereza Kopáčová made a documentary “Something from Carmen”, which recorded her work in this role and it was shown on Czech Television. She bears the price of Czech Musical Philharmonic for the main role in the opera oratorio “Evening Gathering” from Ivan Kurz. This work was filmed for Czech Television. As a solo artist she performed in the Le Mister de Noel project in the Puy du Fou theatre in France.


Edita Adlerová focuses mainly on a solo concert performance. She creates original moderated music projects. She performs at important international festivals – Prague Spring, Classique au large (France), Music Festival Gorizia (Italy), Smetana’s Litomyšl, Strings of Autumn, Třeboň Nocturne, L. van Beethoven Music Festival, etc. As a soloist she performs with Czech and foreign orchestras and leading conductors, permanently collaborates with outstanding artists. She participated in several CDs, recorded two profiles. Her interpretation of many musical works has been heard by listeners in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Latvia, Georgia, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.


She completed master classes in singing technique with professor Adrej Kucharský from Munich and with professor Irina Kondratenko from Latvia, where she acquired a unique singing methodology and wind technique, originating from the Italian “bel canta”. During her more than 25 years of professional career, which continues, she had a large number of chamber and orchestral concerts at home and abroad, where she gained very high quality professional practice. It is also based on the teaching of singing, whether it is a continuous practice in her private studio “Voice and Music” in Prague, or working with students at the Conservatory in Teplice, where she works as a teacher of the main field – singing.


To deepen his specialisation and theoretical overview, she is currently studying “Musicology” at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University in Brno.

Barbora Vaňousová

I am the guide on your journey to your inner wisdom. I work with a method of active imagination called Personal Totem Pole Process®. For many years, I have worked on personal development with the help of psychosomatics, where I gradually accepted the responsibility for creating my life. I learned to work with patterns that we carry from our own families, and with which we then create our own life stories. My work with people so far has taught me that each of us is unique and needs to go his/her own way. I have learned throughout my life to seek and honour the path of each person. These are the values that are very important to me and my work. It is the Personal Totem Pole Process® method that allows me to be the guide on the journey to everyone’s own wisdom so that they can find their own answers to their questions. In my practice, I also work with dreams and I like to accompany those who have decided to listen more deeply to their dreams.

Mikoláš Bělík

Mikoláš Bělík has been focusing on astrology for more than 30 years and has been working professionally in this field for over 25 years. He studied Western and Vedic (Indian) and Chinese astrology. Even in his (other) profession of an architect (graduate of Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague) he applies astrology within the Indian Vasta Shastra and Chinese Feng Shui (he also studied both of these disciplines for a long time in the Czech Republic and abroad), in which he specializes in his practice as an architect. In addition to interpreting the horoscopes themselves, he also lectures and teaches – he has a long series of lectures on astrology. He teaches astrology at his School of Astrology self-knowledge. He appeared on TV (astrology, Feng Shui and Vástu Šástra). You can also meet him during his musical activities (concerts, workshops, CDs, film music…). Among other things, he studied Sanskrit as well as yoga and Vedanta, which he is still actively involved in.


His way of interpreting horoscopes, his lectures, courses and seminars reflect the fact that astrology can be a practical part of daily life. That it can lead to its improvement, to personal growth and development, and also to a better understanding of oneself. It is no coincidence that in recent years he has specialised in “Astrology of Self-Knowledge” and Vedic Astrology. Thanks to his synthetic conception and connection of the mentioned disciplines, he can more easily describe and explain deeper aspects of horoscopes and in his lectures also the levels of special astrological techniques (esoteric, karmic astrology), even to complete astrological laymen. His creative approach and curiosity combined with his many years of practice guarantee that, in addition to the supply of new information, he will enrich you with his own experience, supplemented by sometimes unexpected perspectives and connections.

I have been involved in astronomy since I was a child and astrology has been incomprehensible to me for many years. Through gradual study, I discovered the deep wisdom that astrology hides. In addition to astronomy, astrology has become my other hobby. In a similar way, I got to work with dreams. I had many dreams that I did not understand. That’s why I decided to go to dream school. Gradually, I learned to work with dreams, and I found that, like astrology, dreams give us wise guidance.

Kaya Bezděková

Fate directed me to study astrology without any planning. After years of studying yoga, Ayurveda, massage, shiatsu and studying medicine, it was my first encounter with astrology in 2013 that showed me a clear map of myself and provided me with a compass from where to where I walk in this life.


I perceive astrology as an opportunity to look into our personality, as a practical tool to how better understand ourselves. It shows our hidden talents and weaknesses. It can help to decipher why, often despite our efforts, we may not succeed and show us the way forward in relation to ourselves, in the areas of relationships and love, work or money, as well as reveal deeper and finer aspects of our spiritual practice or dharma in this life.

Pavel Vacek

Velký příběh, který mě dovedl k celostnímu přístupu a k psychoterapii je můj dosavadní život, který byl lemován štěstím na lidi kolem mě, zdravím a legrací. Mám tedy možnost dávat svým klientům to, co si přejí, protože to sám den za dnem prožívám a znám.

Tak lehké to zas není. Pro svou práci považuji za nutnou hlubokou znalost klinické teorie a praxe. Bez celoživotního učení to nejde. Polovinu toho co mi umožňuje s lidmi dobře pracovat mi dala univerzita, kde jsem studoval psychologii a pedagogiku. Psychoterapeutický výcvik patří k této půlce též. Druhou polovinou je dvacet let praxe, tedy terapie, koučování a přednášení lidem a s lidmi. Terapie je dvojcestná, každý člověk, se kterým jsem pracoval, mi hodně dal a hodně jsem se od něj naučil. A nejvíc jsem získal osvobozující pokoru.